“The Fighter” to become #1 – Keep requesting

This July saw the spectacularly decisive rise of Carrie and Keith’s duet to the top of the Mediabase chart.

The Fighter No. 6 to No. 2 Mediabase

Overall, for exactly a month, the single first gradually moved up, then slightly dropped, and in the end dramatically rose.

During the first 3 weeks, it took “The Fighter” 8 days to enter the top 5 from #6 (passing Florida Georgia Line) and 9 other days to climb to #4 (passing Blake Shelton), then remained there for 4 days.

After that, it was a brief decrease back to #5 (being passed by Billy Currington).

However, it amazingly moved up 2 spots to #3 the day before yesterday, and one more spot to the second highest position yesterday. At the same time, the 3 recent #1 singles of Rascal Flatts, Dylan Scott, and Thomas Rhett significantly plummeted as they are going recurrent.

It’s possible that Billy Currington “Do I Make You Wanna” will become #1 single this week, while “The Fighter” will take the throne next Sunday.

In addition, it entered the top 5 on Billboard Country Airplay already.

Best of luck to the single

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