The Fighter reaches #6 on Mediabase

Carrie and Keith’s duet attained a newly high position on Mediabase Country today, meanwhile it also manages to get into the top 10 of Billboard Country Airplay. Congratulations!

Overall, on the Mediabase chart from April to June, “The Fighter” started with a slight increase, then continued with fluctuations, and finally finished with a new increase.

Chart positions in April.png

In the first half of April, it can be seen that after having gained 3 spots at the end of the previous month, the song continued to rise slightly, from #18 on Apr 1 to #17 on Apr 8 (passing Trent Harmon), and to #16 and #15 on Apr 10 and Apr 17 respectively (recurrents removed).

Chart positions in May

Later, from the second half of April till the end of May, it fluctuated twice, briefly moved up and down alternately between #15 and #14 in Apr 17–23, and climbed and dropped among positions #13, #12 and #11 on the remaining days. A main rivalry that led to these fluctuations is Rascal Flatts’ “Yours If You Want It”.

Chart positions in June.png

However, in the end, from May 30 to today at the end of June, the current period sees a stably flourishing increase of Carrie and Keith. Their duet keeps rising at the rate of 1.5 positions per week, until reaching #6 today (passing Dan and Shay).

As the current singles in the top 5 are still gaining spins and audience impressions, it’ll take us days to wait for “The Fighter” to enter the top 5. Now it’s time for us to keep request it on the stations

On the other hand, the Billboard chart saw a gradual increase of “The Fighter” from March to mid-May, its slight decrease for the next month, and a recovery to enter the top 10 today, as shown in the below graphs.

Chart positions on Billboard as of May 15, 17

Chart positions on Billboard as of Jun 26, 17.png

At the moment, Carrie is scheduled for her glorious star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Melanie is exciting about her July-born baby girl. Best wishes to both our ladies.

~~~~ Written by @CUnderwoodChart

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