What a wonderful weekend Carrie is having!

Carrie and Keith’s Tour has just finished in Brisbane, QLD. We are so happy that the tour is very successful, and now it’s a lovely year-end for Carrie.

Yesterday Carrie was announced that she won 2 Rare Country awards for Tour of the Year and Female Artist of the Year. How incredible! Blake Shelton won Male Artist of the Year and there were some more minor awards. Carrie was undoubtedly the most successful winner at this award though she couldn’t go back from Brisbane to receive them.

And yesterday we also welcomed much greater news that “Dirty Laundry” moved up to #1 on the Australian Country Airplay that. How awesome! This may be a big surprise to us. Remember that Carrie’s “Dirty Laundry” was still at #5 last week. Perhaps the ripCORD World Tour has spread Carrie’s single throughout the stations and inspired the audience.

But it is not everything. The latest news is that “Dirty Laundry” has just passed Florida Georgia Line’s “May We All” to move to #4 on the Mediabase. We waited this for over a week and now can’t be happier. Hopefully this will also lead to the rise of “Dirty Laundry” on the Billboard charts.

A little thing to tell you before ending this post is that our Melanie had a chance to met Carrie and took a photo with her at the tour.

~~~~Written by @CUnderwoodChart

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